what is theaofs
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The Art of Savouring is about experiencing simple things in life through our five human senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Amid the current busy lifestyles, one should get a chance to enjoy the small moments to savor beautiful experiences through their senses. 

Those experiences could be appreciating a nice sunny warm day outdoor, smelling different types of flowers, hugging somebody you love, watching an inspiring movie, cooking and tasting a delicious meal, choosing your fruits and vegetables at the farmers market, listening to some good music, visiting a museum and appreciating good art, meditating, reading a good book... the list can grow indefinitely, as long as it brings you a sense of enjoyment and warmness while performing them, even for few minutes every day, you are living The Art of Savouring.

From this concept, here you will be able to find a larger focus on food. Ways to prepare, indulge, taste, experience food from a special point of view. As the common saying mentions, "you are what you eat"; so the best you do for yourself is savour something good, well-prepared everyday. That matches the whole perspective of getting a break to enjoy something simple from a new standpoint. It's also beautiful to appreciate how different cultures experience food in a special unique way. Each of them with its own personality performed on their cuisine.